General Information
The copiers are located in the ME Main Office Mailroom (088-2181), with the RICOH Alicio MP 6002 to the left and the RICOH MP C5503 to the right (as you face them). You may scan to email from either copier at no charge. You do not need to swipe your card or enter your credentials to access the scanner function.

Scan to Email
If the touchscreen is blank and the Energy Saver button is lit in blue press the button to wake the copier. Place the document you want scanned face up in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) or face down on the glass plate. To the left of the touchscreen you should see a physical button labeled Scanner – press it. In the center of the touchscreen you should see all the users in the department categorized and listed by last name, with the most frequent recipients listed first. By tapping on a name you will add their email address as a recipient. Tap on additional names to send the document to multiple recipients. Finally, press the green start button to begin scanning.

Be sure to press the Home button to the left of the touchscreen and then tap Pharos on the touchscreen before you leave, so the unit is ready for the next person.

Specify the Sender (Optional)
By default the email sender for you scanned document is You have the ability to specify yourself as the sender, but for security reasons the option is turned off by default. If you would like to use this functionality please speak with someone at the front desk or create a ticket with ME Support requesting that meIT enable you as a sender on the copiers. You must also provide a 4+ digit pin code – this will make it so others cannot spoof you when they send their own documents. When meIT confirms that you are added as a sender they will provide additional instructions on how to use the functionality.
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