General Information
The copiers are located in the ME Main Office Mailroom (088-2181), with the RICOH Alicio MP 6002 to the left and the RICOH MP C5503 to the right (as you face them). The 6002 is a B&W copier and the C5503 is a color copier. At this time all copies are charged to the Department at $0.01 per B&W page, and $0.03 per Color page.

Before you can use the copier you will need to be granted access.
You can request access by emailing or visiting the front desk. If emailing please include the following:
Supervisor & Position
Full Name
Directory ID or UMD email address
Phone Number

Card Swipe / Login
When you walk up to one of the copiers you will be presented with the option to tap the touchscreen and enter your credentials or use your swipe card. If you don’t have your swipe card handy go ahead and tap the touchscreen and enter your Directory ID and Password. If you have your swipe card, you can use it with the black card reader on the right-hand side of the unit. If you have never swiped your card before you will be prompted to enter your Directory ID and Password, this will associate your card with your account – you will only need to do this once.

If the touchscreen is blank and the Energy Saver button is lit in blue press the button to wake the copier.
Once you have swiped your card or entered credentials you will be prompted to select the account you want to charge. Currently, the Department is picking up the bill and the only option you will see is 1-123200 – Mechanical Engineering – tap on that entry to continue.

Making Copies
To the left of the touchscreen you should see a physical button labeled Copy – press it. Place the document you want copied face up in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) or face down on the glass plate. The system defaults to producing one copy. If you wish to make multiple copies type the number in the keypad to the right of the touchscreen. Finally, press the green start button to begin copying.

Be sure to swipe your card again (or tap logout) before you leave, so the unit is ready for the next person.
To get to the logout function you will need to press the Printer button (three below the Copy button) – the logout button will then be the bottom right hand side of the touchscreen.
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