If you do not have an account in our procurement system please submit a new ticket with the subject “I need a procurement account” before proceeding.

Please follow these simple steps to initiate a procurement request:

Visit our procurement page and login.
Click the yellow + NEW REQUEST button on the top lefthand side of the Dashboard.
In the dropdown click on ORDER.
Under DEPARTMENT you should see your advisor or team name. If it is incorrect, or you wish to make a procurement request under a different advisor or team, you can change it using the dropdown.
Click on the yellow + ADD NEW ITEM button to the right of the page.
When presented with a search box you have a three options:

Paste the URL (web address) of the item you wish to procure in the search box and the system will auto-populate the information and present it to you for review.
Or you can click on Previously ordered Non-Catalog Items to request items you requested in the past.
Or you can click on REQUEST NEW ITEM to manually fill out a procurement request.

Under ACCOUNT CODE you will need to select the account this request will be charged to.
For PREFERRED VENDOR type the first few letters to search of the one you wish to use. If it is not listed, click on OTHER at the bottom of the dropdown.
Under PROJECT/UNIT type in the given code, if you don't know it or don't have one type in N/A.

If the requested item is online, please paste the URL (web address) in the Comments field
If the requested item is >= $500, please attach a quote by clicking on UPLOAD at the bottom of the page
After you have filled out and reviewed the information click on ADD ORDER ITEM

If the department you are submitting the request to has multiple approvers be sure to select the proper NEXT APPROVER on the CREATE ORDER REQUEST page
You can add multiple requests from multiple vendors to one procurement request. Once you have added all your requested items click on SUBMIT REQUEST

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